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WV Board of Risk Management (BRIM)

West Virginia Board of Risk & Insurance Management (BRIM)


Insurance coverage for State agencies is provided by the WV Board of Risk & Insurance Management, commonly referred to as “BRIM”. BRIM offices are located in Charleston, WV.

“A five-member board, appointed by the governor, governs the West Virginia Board of Risk and Insurance Management (BRIM). BRIM operates under the authority of Chapter 29, Article 12; and Chapter 33, Article 30 of the West Virginia Code, as amended, and the provisions of Executive Order 12-86. The Executive Director manages the daily operations”.

“The primary responsibility for BRIM is to provide casualty insurance coverage for all State Agencies, which provides protection from lawsuits and other liability claims resulting from automobile accidents, employment practices, property, flood, general liability, and medical professional liability at the respective teaching institutions. There are currently approximately 150 state agencies being provided coverage”.

BRIM is organized into departments consisting of Claims; Underwriting; Loss Control; Finance; and Information Systems.

Automobile Insurance

BRIM provides automobile insurance coverage for owned, non-owned, hired, rented, and leased vehicles. Auto liability and physical damage (comprehensive and collision) coverage is provided by the BRIM policy.

Liability Insurance

BRIM provides liability insurance coverage for West Virginia University under their Comprehensive Liability Insurance Coverage Form, which consists of (5) sections:

A.     Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

B.     Personal Injury Liability Insurance

C.     Professional Liability Insurance Medical Malpractice

D.     Stop Gap Liability Insurance

E.      Wrongful Acts Liability Insurance – also known as Directors and Officers or Public Officials                  Liability Insurance

Property Insurance

BRIM provides property insurance coverage for all WVU owned buildings and the contents within those buildings. The contents of leased occupancies are also insured under this policy. In addition to property insurance, crime insurance coverage is provided for protection against theft of money and employee dishonesty. All claims are subject to a $2,500.00 deductible per occurrence.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical malpractice coverage is provided under the Professional Liability section of the BRIM Comprehensive Liability Insurance Policy.

Malpractice coverage is provided for faculty, staff, and students in health care and health care related fields.

Claims Management

The BRIM Claims Department is responsible for administration for all claims submitted to their agency. All general and professional liability claims, automobile (liability and physical damage) claims, and mobile equipment claims are adjusted by American International Group. AIG has an office in Charleston dedicated exclusively to adjusting claims for BRIM. Small property insurance claims that do not require inspection by an adjuster may be handled in-house by BRIM. Larger or more complex property insurance claims will be assigned to a local independent adjuster.

Loss Control

The BRIM Loss Control Department assists state agencies in identifying potential risks of loss. Their objective is to avoid a loss wherever possible though corrective actions, or to minimize the severity of a loss after it occurs. Through a contract with Aon plc, BRIM inspects larger WVU owned buildings on an annual basis. The inspections are conducted to identify property as well as liability hazards. A report is prepared for each building after each inspection that identifies recommendations for improvement that are categorized by level of severity.

Web Site

Further information about BRIM can be obtained by visiting their website.