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Automobile Insurance

  • Are non-employees insured if they drive a state vehicle?
    • Yes, if they are driving with the permission of the “insured”. Permission for a non-employee to drive must be obtained (preferably in writing)  from the Dean or Director responsible for the state vehicle.
  • If I am  using my personal vehicle on University business, and I am involved in a motor vehicle accident, does the University auto insurance coverage pay for the claim?
    • No, it does not. The claim must be submitted to the employee’s personal auto insurance company. BRIM commercial auto liability insurance provides excess coverage should a serious accident exhaust the liability limits of the employee’s insurance policy. If an employee does not want to run the risk of a business use of their vehicle impacting their personal auto insurance policy, they should use a WVU department vehicle or Enterprise rental vehicle.
  • How do I know what insurance decisions to make when renting a vehicle from a vehicle rental agency?
    • Effective November 1, 2015, the Enterprise rental vehicle rate includes commercial auto liability and physical damage coverage.   WVU, WVU Tech Beckley, WVU Potomac State College, and WVU Research Corporation employees are not to purchase any optional insurance coverage from Enterprise as well as their affiliate, National Car Rental. *This only applies to Enterprise and National Car Rental vehicles. For other rental vehicle vendors, please contact Risk Management for guidance.

Liability Insurance

  • Are students insured under the WVU comprehensive general liability insurance policy?
    • No, students are not. Student teachers are provided coverage. Students in health related fields such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing, etc. are provided medical malpractice coverage. Students in allied healthcare fields such as psychology and sociology are provided professional liability only.
  • If a student is injured on WVU property or in connection with a WVU sponsored activity, are their medical and related expenses automatically paid by WVU?
    • The injury related expenses for a student will only be paid by the WVU comprehensive liability policy if WVU negligence is determined to be responsible for the injury. 
  • Are student organizations (clubs) and student members of these clubs covered under the WVU comprehensive liability insurance policy?
    • No, they are not.
  • Are faculty advisors to student organizations covered under the WVU comprehensive liability insurance policy?
    • Yes. Acting as a faculty advisor to a student organization is considered “within the scope of their duties” for a faculty member. Therefore, they are provided liability coverage for their role as an advisor.

Property Insurance

  • Are my personal belongings insured under the WVU property insurance policy while temporarily kept in a University office or classroom?
    • No. It is the employee or student’s responsibility to insure their personal belongings with a personal property insurance policy such as homeowners or renters insurance.
  • Does the University accept responsibility for damage to or theft of student belongings in a University dormitory room?
    • No. It is the student’s responsibility to insure their belongings with a personal renters insurance policy. Students who are still dependents of their parents may have insurance coverage under their parent’s homeowners or renters insurance policy.
  • What is the deductible for property insurance claims under the WVU property insurance policy?
    • The deductible is $2,500.00 per occurrence.
  • Is WVU business personal property (contents) insured while temporarily off premises or in a vehicle?
    • Yes. WVU owned business personal property is insured while temporarily off premises for the same amounts as it is insured for when located in the building where it is permanently kept.The same $2,500.00 per occurrence applies, so care should be taken to safely secure items at high risk for theft, such as a laptop computer or camera.

Rental Vehicle Insurance

  • When renting a vehicle from Enterprise or National Car Rental, should the collision damage waiver or automobile liability coverage be purchased.
    • No, this coverage is included in the rental rate for the vehicle when the rental reservation is made using WVU’s booking code, XZ68WVU.
  • When renting a vehicle from a vehicle rental vendor other than Enterprise or National, should the collision damage waiver or automobile liability coverage be purchased?
    • It depends on the circumstances and the department’s ability to absorb a $1,000 deductible.  
      Please contact Risk Management at 304.293.2241 for further assistance.