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Medical Professional Liability Verification

Risk Management

The Risk Management team talks to health care providers, gathers information and submits medical malpractice claims to the WV Board of Risk and Insurance Management and AIG Claims Services. The staff monitors the costs associated with each medical malpractice claim, verifies accounting of the escrow account for the deductible amounts and reports on claims and costs on a regular basis. They also maintain a database of claims and suits, named defendants and case status to be able to answer insurance inquiries for WVU health care providers. The Team also deals with subpoenas and outside attorney requests of our providers and will gather information and help coordinate requests for testimony and depositions. The staff also provides risk management and other educational presentations at the HSC. 

Provider Verification of Insurance Request 

All West Virginia University residents and fellows are provided Professional Liability Insurance covered by the West Virginia Board of Risk Management (BRIM) for the duration of their residency/fellowship.   

WV Practitioner Attestation Authorization and Release of Information

All physicians employed by the State of West Virginia are provided professional liability coverage by the West Virginia Board of Risk and Insurance Management.  This is a self-funded governmental agency that provides occurrence-based coverage.  From July 1, 1985, to June 30, 2015, the limit per occurrence was $1 million; as of July 1, 2015, the limit per occurrence is $1.5 million.  The dates of coverage for each physician coincide with their dates of employment with the State.  The coverage applies to all acts within the scope of his/her faculty duties and responsibilities, residency training program, and medical school education.