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Automobile Insurance Coverage

Automobile Insurance Coverage

Our office manages the University's Automobile Insurance Policy. In the event of an incident or if you have general questions/concerns, please contact our office.


  • Employees of WVU - In the event of an employee injury, notify WVU Medical Management  and submit the accident/injury report form ( Accident/Injury Report Form) within 24 hours                                                 

Personal Vehicles Used For University Business Travel

A. Liability 

The employee’s personal auto liability insurance is primary in the  event of a motor vehicle accident which causes bodily injury to a third party, or property damage to a third party’s property.  Employees involved in a motor vehicle accident of this type should first contact their personal auto insurance agent to report the accident. 

Should an employee have a motor vehicle accident serious enough to exhaust their personal auto liability insurance limits, WVU’s commercial auto insurance policy may potentially respond as excess coverage to the employee’s policy.

B. Auto Physical Damage

Damage to an employee’s personal vehicle while used for University business travel must be submitted to the employee’s personal auto insurance agent or company. At no time does WVU’s commercial auto insurance policy pay for damage to an employee’s vehicle.  Employees who wish to avoid this possibility should use a University owned vehicle, or a University contracted Enterprise rental vehicle, to meet their travel needs.

Certificate of Auto Liability Insurance

A certificate of automobile liability insurance can be found at the following link: WVU Certificate of Auto Liability Insurance

A copy can also be obtained by contacting Risk Management.  A copy of this certificate should be carried in all WVU vehicles and with the employee when driving a rental vehicle.